Thursday, December 03, 2009

12 Days of Christmas and Unusual Historical

Because The Viking's Captive Princess has just been released, there are places to find me with giveaways.
First of all Donna Alward is doing her annual 12 Days of Christmas extravaganza. There is a huge lot of books to win. Today is my day. And I should say that if you want to get in the Christmas mood, Donna's latest novella -- Montana, Mistletoe and Marriage is a great way to do it. Donna even includes a recipe.

Then today sees another excerpt from The Viking's Captive Princess on Unusual Historical. It is a different one to the one on my site. Then on Sunday, I will be doing a visit to UH and there is a copy of VCP in the offing.

And advanced warning, 16 December sees the annual eharlequin Open House with its multitude of authors...including me.

Here I am working on my current mess in progress and getting back into it. I appear to have lost some of my notes but do know what is happening.

The puppies are doing well but I think the house will be chaos in about 2 weeks when 2 four legged babies arrive...


Unknown said...

Michelle, I finished The Viking's Captive Princess last night-- it's beautiful! Thyre is a fantastic, memorable heroine and the story is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for a fab few days of pure romantic escapism!

And now what's this about 4 legged babies?? Because if you mean k*****s I warn you I will have to come and stay at your house for Christmas...

Joanne Coles said...

Oooh, 4 legged babies? Do tell.

Caroline said...

I echo India and Joanne - do tell! Take care. Caroline x

Donna Alward said...


I have to ask now...did me saying we were getting ours tip you over the edge? OOoh now we get to share kitty pics!

Told neighbour that now that I don't have babies, I need furbabies to love.