Sunday, September 20, 2009

Article in Tynedale Life

Last November, I appeared on BBC Radio Newcastle and a journalist from the Hexham Courant heard the broadcast. He then did an article about me. Then his colleague Emma Andrews decided that it might be good to do a lifestyle piece for the glossy magazine Tynedale Life. I duly did the interview and had the photos taken. The months (and issues) passed. And I forgot about it.
Then last week, the latest issue appeared. The paperboy never brings it as it is far too heavy and if you want it, you must pick it up from the newsagent. Therefore, I tended to think that not many people read the magazine.
Last Friday, I happened to be going to the RNA Northumberland meeting and giving a lift to two writers who live in Hexham.
'I saw the article in the magazine and brought a copy.'
'You mean the Guardian,' I said trying to concentrate on the road as it was rather busy and I was not quite sure where we were going. 'Oh I have a copy from the Internet.'
'No, Tynedale Life. My husband read the article aloud to me, it is lovely and has lots of photos.'
I managed not to hit any cars in my surprise but it was a close run thing.
Anyway, I have spent a good deal of the week as I went around Hexham, having sales assistants and others say that they saw the article. The girl in the pet shop said that she read everything. And the hairdresser said that she just liked the magazine. The women in the hairdressers agreed with her. Someone had even seen it and mentioned it when I was on the train down to London. So much for my thinking that no one reads the magazine. And it is a good magazine -- full of uplifting articles.
You can see the article here. It starts on page 18.


Kate Hardy said...

Lovely to see you last week, Michelle.

And the article is great. Well done, you.

Nell Dixon said...

What a fab article - lovely pictures too.

Donna Alward said...

It's a lovely article and I actually enjoyed lots in the magazine. It looks very nice and pretty and like you said - Positive. :-)

Caroline said...

Wow! The article was great. Lovely pictures too. Your wedding photo is absolutely stunning! Take care. Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

It is a gorgeous article isn't it?! I love the pics, particularly you wedding photo :)

Kate Walker said...

Great article Michelle - and lovely photos of you. Your wedding photo is very special.

Great to see you last week and congratulations on organising another wonderful AMBA lunch - now relax, knowing someone else is doing it!


Jackie Ashenden said...

Michelle, that's a fabulous article! (I'm rather impressed it's available online and in such an great way). I also particularly like the way you mention that some people view reading as a puritanical exercise. Lots of people down my end of the world view it precisely like that - you only have to view the tiny space given over to romance in the all the bookshops to see it. Sigh.

Michelle Styles said...

Thank you.