Monday, September 28, 2009


Yesterday, I reached a milestone -- my eldest went off to university. It was a bitter sweet moment but mostly I am very excited for him. Both my husband and I had a great time at university and hopefully he will as well.

The odd part for me was returning to the campus as a parent. The last time I had been there, it had been as a young bride as my husband went back for a career day and I tagged along. But before that it was 25 years ago. Ack! The strange thing is what survived and what did not as there has been a ton of building work at Lancaster. One would have thought the Athletics Union noticeboard would have changed but it was there (or a successor). Parts of the spine were the same and are still covered with posters. However the Nelson Mandela coffee bar is long gone.
And I know 25 years ago, I never thought to be sending my first born there. 25 years I never thought about children etc. Odd sensation.

I do think they did the welcoming bit very well and the whole atmosphere felt lovely and friendly. Lots of posters up and tons of reps around. It seems to be on the whole far better organised than 25 years ago. There again, 25 years ago, most people arrived by a special express train (v Hogwarts in some ways) and this time there were tons of cars and vans.

Once again, I took my camera but totally neglected to take pictures. I was far too busy experiencing the whole thing.

But now I am dreadfully behind on the wip and so must write.


Unknown said...

Bet the house feels strangely empty today, but how exciting for him to be starting a new chapter. I guess as parents we all inherently understand that the idea is that one day they'll fly the nest, but... Gulp. Sending hugs. xxx

Caroline said...

I loved university just as you did. It was the making of me. I hope it is the start of a new chapter in your son's life. I'm sure he will love it! Take care. Caroline x