Monday, September 21, 2009

Youngest son 1 Mole 0

Should I feel miffed? My youngest declared his intent to lay mole traps when the mole appeared. He cited being a boy scout. I allowed him as the return of the mole made my heart sink.
He duly laid his traps (clw traps) -- yesterday. This morning he came rushing in, demanding I inspect as one had sprung.
I did and it was R.I.P. mole.
The mole has now gone to wherever moles go. And my youngest has become the mole catcher in chief.
His only comment was that if he was going to be chief mole catcher, he ought to be paid the going rate...


Lacey Devlin said...

You've killed me with laughter! Are you going to pay the going rate mum? :D

Carol Townend said...

What IS the going rate?

Michelle Styles said...

I understand from my daughter, it is £5 per mole. Quite why she knows, I do not want to ask. She mutters something about chemistry and wanders away.