Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A conspiracy of electric appliances

With a small and lonely hiccup, the vacuum cleaner refused to work. Despite repeated attempts to restart, it stays stubbornly quiet with only its warning light flashing. I have checked the hoses, the filter and everything else. All clear. It must be the motor.
Why are my electric appliances dying on me? With the tumble dryer, I could go green and hang out the washing, but the hoover? Can electrical appliances conspire? And if so, what next -- the washing machine?
I have bought a new Miele Cat and Dog as it uses the same bags as before (having just laid in a year's supply of bags!) and three dogs plus five humans make such items a necessity. After a round trip journey to Newcastle, I discovered that John Lewis will deliver to Waitrose in Hexham if you order on online. Drumming of fingers here.

And I suppose it is better than exploding light bulbs and green flashes which was last year's problem.

But I am behind and my deadline is looming.

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