Sunday, July 02, 2006

The next stage

The next stage in my wip has been reached.It is probably my favourite stage. -- the wip is off the computer and I amn dealing with the hard copy. I read it through with a blue pen, making changes as i go. THEN I read it through randomlywith a red pen, again making changes until every page has been randomly tightened. Hopefully after doing this, it will be at a stage that y editor can take a look and see the problems. Then comes revisions, which vies for favourite stage after this one. Revisions mean that my vision of the book is being helped to be realised. It is all about making a good book stronger. I like feeling that my editor are on the same team.

Also because of the lovely weather, this stage means I can put my straw hoat, and go outside to read the wip,rather than being stuck at the computer. Always a bonus.

In duckling news:
They are getting bigger and churping louder. They enjoy fosicking in the fresh compost that my eldest puts in their pen daily. Thus far, knock on wood -- all three are surviving.

And a cast went from the beehive. Annoying but there was not chance of capturing it as it came to rest high in the beech tree.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and best wishes on the new book! Hope the revisions are very minor. :)

Unknown said...

I need to learn to hard copy edit. I just can't get past the cost of the paper and printing...maybe after a few more sales I can justify it...and stop clipping coupons.