Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth of July

Today is a day I can proudly proclaim that I am an American and proud of it. Some of my relations came over with the Pilgrims, and they continued to arrive for a long time after that. On most issues that have torn America apart, I have had relations on both sides. For example -- yes some of my relations owned slaves in the South but others founded the first abolitionist society in Chicago and helped found the Republican party. It made for interesting debates when my grandfather (a Southern gentleman) married my grandmother. I adore family history and won't bore anyone with anymore. But I am proud of the small part my relations played and continue to play in America's development.

I was disturbed to read yesterday's You.gov poll in the Telegraph. The questions were nonsensical. Why should a statistical organisation ask people -- do you like American, a lot,a little etc. They would NEVER have dared ask the same question about Asians, the Irish etc.

America is much more than it is protrayed in the media. Just as the UK comprises so much more than its media protrayal.
Anyway I simply want to say how much I love my countries -- the one of my brith and the country I now live and have chosen to bring my children up in.

The American flags are flying over the garden today, patriotic music is blaring and we are having a quiet BBQ today. But for once I am not going to make my seven layer dip. -- I have a mss to polish.


Nell Dixon said...

Happy 4h of July, Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July, Michelle. And all kudos for you for speaking up when it's right to do so. Racism of any form is unacceptable.

Am intrigued by this 7-layer dip. Details, please!

(And I get the feeling we'll be talking genealogy as well in September...)