Saturday, July 15, 2006

Laurie Campbell's synopsis class

I took this class last year and thought it excellent. It is a great way to learn all about the black art of synopsis writing. I know my confidence and skills at synopsis writing came on in leaps and bounds after taking the class. A thoroughly useful class.

If you've ever had trouble writing a synopsis, here's a hint: pretend you're writing an ad.An advertising copywriter for 25 years, Laurie Schnebly Campbell was amazed to discover that the same skills which enabled her to sell bikes, bouquets and birdbaths ALSO helped her sell books. (So far, she's sold six to Silhouette Special Edition -- including one that beat out Nora Roberts for "Best of the Year"). Discover how to use those same techniques to get editor-agent "buyers" interested in YOUR product!workshops:
CVomments on past workshops:
"Thanks so much for an incredible wealth of information.
What a fresh, but extremely logical, approach to writing a synopsis!" — JoAnn Weatherly- - - - -"PLEASE keep me informed of any upcoming opportunities to hear you speak on ANYTHING." — Linda Lael Miller- - - - -"A fellow author has been raving about (your handouts). She said they worked so well that she plotted an entire book in 2 1/2 days." — Deb Cowan- - - - - - -

Now, regarding the August 7-31 workshop:"Tips From Madison Avenue: The Selling Synopsis" will be a month-long series of email lectures, with optional homework assignments along the way. Some people ask questions and chat about their assignments; others do the work but stay quiet; and I'm sure some never do it at all. The idea is that you can read the lectures and do homework whenever you have some free time, rather than getting all the info in one big clump. But sometimes when I give this workshop, a few people wait and read everything on the yahoogroup archives during the final it's just a matter of whatever works best for you.
Here's the syllabus:
• Advertising (what makes people buy?)
• Know Your Product (characters)
• Target Market (identify your own)•
Unique Selling Points (first worksheet)
• Summary/Opening (second worksheet)
• Brainstorming (third worksheet)
• Strategy (last worksheet of the class!)
• Your Synopsis (outline; no homework)
• Query Letters, Format & More (Q&A)
To register for the $25 email class, see

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Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle
Thanks for the info. Last year at RNA conference a writer I met was raving about Laurie's courses - so this time I'm booking.
Jude D
PS - I'm also glad you too are going to the Scottish RNA do. I'm going too! Can't wait.
PPS - Sorry I haven't already told you but Gladiator's Honour is just fantastic. Couldn't get enough of it. Bliss. I'm loving your work.