Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More ducklings

The inevitable happened. The first mother duck decided to sit on a nest when the Naughty duck turned up with her brood. I told my dh thre would be ducklings, and he said -- no, too late in the season. Guess who was correct?
We have 12 new ducklings. My dh was sent out and bought a new duck house. Several of the ducklings are completely yellow. In due course we shall have to give them off to good homes...I think.
Oh and he decided that today was also the day to pick all the gooseberries. I now have scratches down my arms.

Not much work on the new wip but I know my hero is going to be to die for.

The library campaign goes on. The stakeholder meeting was held and typically the council said that there must be change. Actually no, the recent high court case said that Northumberland County Council LOST said that the public must be told that the status quo is ALWAYS an option. They have to consult properly. There is now four weeks until the next staeholder meeting. The council say that the village's needs could be met by a corner in the Co-op or a library van. Umm the village paid for a redundant Network Rail builing to be fitted out as a library decades ago BECAUSE the library van option was not working. They objected to the library moving to the high school two years ago, why should they have changed their mind? The fight continues.

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