Friday, July 14, 2006

The Viscount's Betrothal

At the moment I am reading Louise Allen's latest -- The Viscount's Betrothal. I am enjoying it very much as it features an uncovnentional heroine -- very much in the mode of one of my favourite heroines -- Aemilia Peabody. The hero is just well very good. I was going to put up a copy of the cover but Blogger is being difficult....shakes fist at computer

I know Louise is a fan of Elizabeth Peters from a RNA conference workshop that she did several years ago. And I do so like it that she has created her own very strong heroine who is utterly right for the Regency but with that very steel back bone.

Louise's books are always good fun to read. My midde is now a huge fan of them. I kept having to retrieve her last one -- The Marriage Debt out from underneath her bed as she kept denying any knowledge of said book...

One great thing about Lousie's books is that because her heroines are so strong, her heroes have to match them in strength. It makes for an intersting contest of wills. Equally great is the way she dribbles in the history. It is very well done. Anyway, her books are a pleasure to read. I keep finding excuses to read The Viscount's Betrothal even though I am supposed to be doing proofs.

Nicola Cornick's latest is out -- Lord Greville's Captive. It is sitting on my TBR while I am on holiday pile because if I don't get the proofs done.... A Nicola Cornick is always a treat. I am looking forward to getting her first single title Deceived while I am in the US as it is supposed to be v good.

Today I shall be crazy busy -- finishing proofs, getting and the thousand and one jobs I need to have done before I go off on holiday on Monday. I am enjoying doing my proofs as I am falling in love with Sold and Seduced all over again. Although I keep thinking -- yes but is VW as good? You know the nice low swoops of the crows of doubt...

The ducklings are continuing to grow. They were wel behaved and once their mother decided it was the duckhouse or the net, and went in, protesting loudly, the little balls of fluff streamed in afterwards. The first brood now look like minature ducks -- so very different from the fluff balls of only a few weeks ago.


Donna Alward said...

I know I'm chiming in late, but VW is brilliant. So don't worry. Go away, crows!

Anonymous said...

If you like Amelia Peabody, check out Jacqueline Webb's new book, The Scarlet Queen. I read it for the RNA NWS and thought it was excellent. It went on to find a publisher and it's out now. Well worth a read. Jacqueline's talking about it on