Friday, January 13, 2006

Meanwhile back at the wip

I have been working on my latest. The one which seems to be taking forever. This is probably because I am an impatient person at times. I want to get it finished but because my life last autumn, it did not get finished.

Now, having submitted the partial, I have every incentive to get it finished but it is still going slowly. Or perhaps not that slowly as I have been editting the first eight chapters. I have to write acomplete new chapter nine and ten, though. But they will be much better and are needed to move the story forward. And this way will be much stronger, even if the story did hang together the other way. This way, the turning points are coming from either the hero or the heroine rather than being imposed by a third character.

The frustration of not being able to drive is also getting to me. My dh casually siad -- oh just go do such and such, and then I had to explain that I couldn't go the middle's parent-teacher conference, couldn't drive in and get the dog food, etc. Funny how things become much less urgent when he has to do them.

Next Friday, I should get the all clear to drive....until I have the next operation.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully you'll be able to drive soon. In the meantime, I'd imagine the writing is going better because of successful surgery. :)