Monday, January 23, 2006

Galloping along

The wip is moving right along. Not as much as I hoped but certainy more than I had done the several weeks previously. It is at a point that I am positive I will have this finished by the first week of Feb. Then all that will remain is the polishing when (thinking positively here) my editors ask to see the full.

The next mss is already sketching itself in my mind. This is a good thing as I don't want the feeling of casting around for an idea again that I had last autumn. It unnerved me a bit. This one is a regency because I want to write it and the idea would not fit in a Roman one. Eqwually, it will give me a chance to see how the Romans are received...

I have now finished Regency Buck -- another of my favourite Georgette Heyer's. Wonderful hero. Yes, one could say arrogant, but that is in part because the heroine refuses to listen. At times, she needs to be saved from herself. I also lovedthe way Georgette Heyer used little expressions to show that the hero was in fact very intersted in the heroine.Very subtly done. I also enjoyed the enormous amount of period detail, but at times the descriptions of the dresses, shoes, hats and other pieces of attire was Too Much. There was also a wonderful reference to Hatchard's and its bow windows, windows which are still there. I adore the haphardness of the shop, the little rooms, going up and up until you reach the children's section.

RB has also given me an idea for a Roman which I think could work very well. So the total for possible Romans after this one goes up to five definate ideas. The main thing is, of course, to wait and see how the first one is received.

The publication date keeps getting closer...a somewhat terrifying thought. I should be an old hand at this, considering The Lady Soldier last year, but it all feels new. I saw on Amazon that some kind soul has purchased a copy of Gladiator's Honour in paperback. A huge thank you from me. I will admit to waking up at nights, worrying that no one will buy...Yes, I do know people get M&B Historicals on subscription and certain sales are inevitable, but at 2 o'clock in the morning, such logical considerations go out the window.


Anonymous said...

My dear, of course someone will buy it! How could they not want to pick up your book with that wonderful cover and the promise of a great read?

I know I can't wait to get my hands on a copy



Anna Louise Lucia said...

Me too!

Anna Louise Lucia said...

(And Happy Birthday!!)