Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Finding inspiration

After complaining about my deflated ego, I did bother to read the RWR. And this month, it wasn't so bad. Gayle Wilson had a lovely inspiring piece about Writer's gifts. These include Patience, confidence, imagination, balance, courage, support and above all self-discipline.
The article is the sort of thing, I should type up and put on my wall behind the computer for those moments when the crows of doubt circle.
The other great article was the Progress column by Barbara Samuel entitled stay the course. Funnily enough she was talking about the very things I was feeling and the need for mental training, to prepare for the long haul of making a career out of romance writing. I loved her points from It is always going to be hardto get the work done to There is never going to came a day when you have it made to There will always be someone just ahead of you. and 4.Some books will kick your a$$. But that is all about staying the course. She says -- if a book is hard to write, it probably has something special to deliver. Which is a great way of thinking about things.

So in the end I felt better about myself and more positive about my outlook. Sure nothing else happened yesterday except I decided to look at the glassbeing half full.


Nell Dixon said...

Sending you a hug, just because.

Anonymous said...

It's both inspiring and terrifying, I think, to know that every book will make you stronger and be harder to write.