Sunday, November 20, 2005

Damp Sunday

The forst has lifted tobe replaced by a cold damp that seeps into every pore of your body and stays there. Sometimes, I wonder if deciding not to put on the central heating this winter (except for when my mother is here) was such a good idea after all. I am sure if I had a fireplace in my study, I wouldn't mind, but that particular fireplace was blocked up years ago. My dh did make noises about unblocking it and putting a new fireplace in BUT the children's computer is there. Besides, how often would I use it?
My writing this week is been bitty piecey. Yes the total is not very high butI did revise the first three chapters, including chapter two where I knew there were problems. So although I have increased my word count by a mere 4k or 15 pages, the mss is stronger for it. Or at least I think it is. Yes, yes, I know I have to banish the crows of doubt. I do think there is a real conflict between these two and that it may be my best yet (I always think my latest is my best yet) but I keep being slow and easily distracted. Perhaps it is because I am waitng for my editor to get back to me on TSD which is bound to have lots of revisions (they always do) or maybe it has to do with my eyes. Or maybe it has to do with wanting this to be so good that I am scared to write it. But it is going slow, terribly slow.
Tomorrow won't be much better. My youngest will be off school -- a bad cough and cold. Then in the late afternoon, I have to pretend to be terribly important and official and do the governor type things for my school. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are taken with different school matters. Thursday is Thanksgiving. But these are simply excuses. If I am efficient and dedicated there is no reason why I can't get a serious amount of writing done. I simply haveto prevent myself from being distracted.


Anonymous said...

Um, and what were you saying about me being too hard on myself???? Pots and kettles!

Actually, I think you're very brave, deciding not to use the central heating. Mine's not on during the day at the mo as I have windows open (paint fumes etc) but first thing in the morning I definitely prefer the chill taken off a room.

Warn the crows of doubt that they'll be in a pie, baked by me, if they don't go away. You'll do fine. And try not to worry about revisions. They're a part of life and you end up writing a better book because of them. Really. ;)

Donna Alward said...

You ARE efficient and you ARE dedicated - two qualities that have gotten you this far. DOn't forget that. Believe me, I've never seen anyone that knows what they are doing more than you.

Unknown said...

*feels very guilty* Here I am in my little flat with the central heating on full blast because I just couldn't get warm.
I'm probably creating global warming all by myself!

Beat those crows of douby up and then feed them to the fire (will make up for the lack of central heating