Friday, November 11, 2005

What most women look for

According to The Definitive Book of Body Language by Allan and Barbara Pease, the one thing that attracts most women to a man is his voice. A deep richly trimbred voice does a lot. After that, women are fairly evenly split between bums, chests and legs. With a tight firm buttocls taking first place of 40%. Even in the 21st century, research shows that women overwhelming want a man who looks he can wrestle animals and fight off invaders (and also kill spiders)

For men, one of the biggest turn on is women with hourglass figures with a wiast to hip ratio of 70-80%. If a woman is overweight but retains the curves, she is morelikely to be attractive to men than her rake thin sister.

Research has shown that despite media hype, the people who are most successful at attracting others, aren;t necessarily model thin and beautiful. Studies have found people prefer mates who are about attractive as they are (ie mates who are likely to stick around and not look for a better offer) They are the people who can display and use the courtship signals to their best advantage.
Women improve their attractiveness to men when they use the courtship signals.

Oh yes, lipstick was invented by the Eygptians. back then as now, the favourite colour is bright red, wet looking lips.

One display tact is the pelvic tilt orwriggle. It is said that Marilyn Monroe cut a bit of the left heel of her high heels to make it easier for her to wiggle. The reason men are attracted is because the wiggle implies wide hips that allow for childbearing. Men don't need such things, women do.

Fascinating stuff. Now to treansulate it into ancient Rome...

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