Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Large Print cheque

The post brought my cheque and contract for the Large Print version of The Marriage Inheritance. Fair enough. A very striaght forward contract. The LP book will be mainly sold to public libraries, hospital libraries, Institutions for the Blind, Schools for partially sighted children etc. Something that is fairly close to my heart, so I am glad about that.
They also want a 70-8p word synopsis of the thing. Do they mean blurb?
I am sending a 172 word synopsis plus a blurb of 80 words. Please note I have not read this book for over a year but hopefully will come up with something suitable by culling the old synopsis.
It is harder than I thought. Writing blurbs is another art form that I have not mastered. I am totally in awe of my HMB editor who seems to do it effortlessly.
I have also transferred my synopsis/outline for PBB on the computer. I had a handwritten one in my lovely pink and yellow binder. Problem was that I needed something staring up at me as I work, becoming coffee stained and scribbled in pen. Also, my problem is that I keep wanting to lift my game. First drafts don't have to be lifted. They simply are.
I feeling more on an even keel, even though my word count will not advance much today. There again, sometimes one has to do other writing related tasks.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray on the check! And blurbs are definitely an art form. I'm learning, but writing short is tricky.