Tuesday, May 24, 2005

One of the things I hate most about being a mother:

In particular being vomitted on by a sick child.

I end up feeling totally helpless (not to mention covered in slime and goo). The child in question is always upset and there is a massive clean operation involved.

There -- so now you know how I spent yesterday evening.

Child in question appears to be better but is under strict orders not to move anywhere without a sick bowl. Child is nearly ten and should be able to follow instructions. Child in question does not hold record for most times of vomitting on mother in a day. That is held by eldest when he was about eighteen months and had a bad earache. The record -- four times within a two hour time span.

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Anonymous said...

Michelle, you have my sympathies! Hope your little one is better soon. (We are now out of the House of Spots... so I hope you are out of the House of Vomit soon!)