Saturday, May 07, 2005

Ducklings when they were newly hatched Posted by Hello

This is what they looked like when they were newly hatched and the crows had not started using them as snacks.


Kate Allan said...

Ahhhhhh, so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Love the duckling pics. There was I picturing them yellow balls of fluff, and they are black!Am I guilty of colour prejudice?LOL


Anonymous said...

Pamela - I thought they'd be yellow balls of fluff too! No doubt Michelle will explain why we are wrong.

Michelle Styles said...

It depends on the type of duck. Yellow ducklings tend to mean white ducks.
Brown ducklings tend mean brown ducks (or inthis case hopefully bottle green). I am going to be intersted to see what they look like when the true feathers come in.

Until they were born, I had no idea what colour they were going to be either.

I thnk some of the yellowness one expects is simply conditioning.
The colour can depend on the breed as well as the sex. In some chickens such as Black Rocks, the males are a different colour than the females at birth, making it easy to cull the unwanted roosters.

I have not yet sexed my ducklings. As a general rule of thumb drakes have curly tailfeathers.