Monday, May 23, 2005

Off the fence

For a number of reasons, I have decided to work on the other Roman romance again. I reread it and it is good in places. I supsect that if I work hard, I can get it finished before the RNA conference. The story has been rattling around in my brain for nearly a year after all.
When I reread the story, Sylvanna's motivation became much clearer. So that is good.
It also give s me a chance to use my hard won knowledge about Rome in 75 -55BCE. It is a time period I fimd really interesting as Rome was reaching the end of the Republic and struggling with the increased demands of how do you govern an Empire.
The character of Pompey fascinates me. I don't think Ceasar could have done what he did IF Pompey had not ignored the rules first. It was Pompey after he routed the pirates in 45 days who conquered most of the east where he was hailed as a living god. Coming back to Rome and returning to being a n ordinary senator must have been difficult for him. One wonders how much world history would have changed if Julia (Caesar's daughter and Pompey's most beloved wife) had not died in childbirth while Ceasar was out in Gaul.
Anyway, starting this again is a lovely excuse to get out my books on the period and dip into them again.
There is much to like about the period and I don't think its full potential has been exploited at all...
THEN, after I finish it, I will finish RS.


Anonymous said...

I know nothing about your saga so I am in no position to comment really, but I'm glad you have decided to go with the Roman book for two reasons. 1. I prefer historical novels to sagas, 2. I am sure this is what your muse (girls in the basement) want you to do.

Good luck with it.


Unknown said...

Good luck Michelle!! I am just struggling to work on the only one I have at the moment... 2 hard won pages yesterday!

Michelle Styles said...

Yes, PamIt was very much a case of don't fight the muse. You don't want to mess with the muse.

It is great to go back to this one and decide -- yes I like the characters and yes, I can see what needs to be done. 8 weeks of hard work. But the muse keeps sending tantalyzing glimpses of the black moment!