Monday, May 09, 2005

Dealing with crows

We have a crow's nest. Where else but in one of the highest trees in the garden? Silly question, really.
Crows are highly intelligent creatures. They are currently tryingto figure out how to get into the netting and take more defenceless ducklings for a snack (or more likely to find their young)
We can't get up to the nest to destroy it. More's the pity. I have to think about the ducklings before I think about the crows --even if they aretrying to feed their young.
My husband has threatened to get an air gun. But then thought about it. If we get rid of this pair of crows, there are many more in the neighbourhood, waiting to take their place. What would be the point?
So we are stuck with the netting, and me running out to fill up the babybath about every hour on the hour. Hilary, the large white duck, has taken to body surfing in the bath, sending plumes of water everywhere. The water level drops. This causes danger for the smaller ducklings. Yesterday, one was nearly exhausted when it could not get out of the bath.
I also have to feed them treats such as greenary and bread. It is only for three weeks, but the constant checking is driving me insane.

In other news: I had a revision request for my gladiator romance. Rereading the mss has made me realize how much I love this mss and how much I do want to do a great job. Maybe I am wimp, but I tend to think editors don't make a suggestion unless they are pretty sure something needs to be fixed. The whole point is that they want the mss to reach its full potential as much I do. Reading over the mss I can see why the suggestions are being made. But will my fixes make it any better? I have to believe yes.

One funny note: I had used centre-point to describe a certain part of anatomy (I have no idea where I got the word from) -- the remark came back that it sounded like Tottenham Court Road tower. Not exactly the image I was aiming for....

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