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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The other dog

As I posted a picture of Chile (who is doing fine btw), I thought I had best post a picture of the Border Collie, Joss.

Labradors are laid back, Border Collies are manic. They have one track minds, and having done something once on a walk, they assume they will always be going in that direction.

Joss who is named after Joss Naylor, the legendary fell runner is a wonderful dog, but he is never happier than when he is out for a run. His main job in the house is to round up the ducks at night. He does not bother about sheep (thankfully) but ducks are his responsibility.

Unlike Chile, he is not pedigree and comes from farming stock. Or rather his father was a sheep dog that jumped off the back of a quad bike one day. His mother was a family pet (and apparently a bit nervy) Joss tends to be nervous around big machines as he went exploring as a very young puppy and encountered a tractor.

Would I get a Border Collie again? Probably not. They need bags of exercise and walks can be stressful as they want to be doing something. Walks are not just an opportunity to get out, but to do. But he is a wonderfully loyal dog...if a bit manic. The children adore him, even if the ducks and hens don't.

The wip is getting better, but still going slowly. Some day, it is going to be a really good story but at the moment, it has its faults. I have forgotten short scenes.

And for those of you who are interested in travel programmes, the BBC 4 Travel century with Benedict Allen continues tonight with a focus on Laurie Lee.

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Jen Black said...

My ball throwing arm still remembers Joss's energy and persistance! Loved the paw-print blanket!