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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A lovely review for Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife

Merrimon Crawford has penned a lovely review of Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife for the Medieval Book Reviews. If you are interested in medieval romance, and have not visited, do. You are sure to discover a book or two to read.
I really enjoy reading Merri's reviews as she takes a lot of time and puts a great deal of consideration into her reviews. She also understood what I was attempting to do and so my favourite bit of the review was:
VIKING WARRIOR, UNWILLING WIFE has a perfect combination of highly-charged tension and tender intimate moments amidst the political maneuverings of outside forces. Michelle Styles gives readers a beautiful portrait of a second chance romance, a more mature love in which a man and a woman learn to trust each other and themselves more intimately than ever before. A striking romance!
It made my morning.
But I still do not know what the US cover will look like...

In other news:
Chile continues to evade pills unless they are wrapped in Gorgonzola. A dog with expensive tastes. And he is having to wear an Elizabethan ruff collar as he began to worry his paw.
And to make matters worse, he went outside yesterday and promptly went in the stream. I had to disinfect his paw with hippie scrub. SIGH!!!
The wip is improving, but going slowly. Another sigh.

BUT Francesco is on for an hour tonight. And it should be pure bliss to watch.

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Carol Townend said...

A great review, well earned!
Best wishes