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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ghost of the past

Last night, Francesco visited Corfu and the British cemetery. Back in 1991, my dh and I spent a lovely morning visiting the cemetery. It has one of the best collections of bee orchids in Corfu. Anyway, I was about to say -- do you remember George the gardener when there he appeared -- looking a bit older (aren't we all?) and just as charming. He was so helpful with the orchid spotting and explaining about how the flower mimics bees. His words really fostered my interest in gardening and wild flowers. I think he had his medals then, so certainly, he had one. Anyway, it was fantastic to see that he is alive and well and tending his beloved cemetery. I should imagine the orchids are just as lovely as ever. Equally seeing him brought back memories of an enchanted day as later that same day we went to Kouloura and Kalami.
Francesco's voyage continues to be brilliant viewing -- a wonderful dream that is all too short and you have to go back blinking into the morass of reality. I am looking forward to tonight's episode!

Oh, and yesterday, my eldest suddenly said -- you know that Spiers and Boden cd? The one with Prickle-eyed bush that you were looking for? It is right here, just under the top cd in the stack. Honestly Mum. He then shrugged his shoulders and disappeared off up into his room.
Now either things magically appear and disappear in this house (socks spring to mind) or it has to do with my ds doing music for his activity week and discovering the cd elsewhere...

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Nell said...

Corfu is very lovely. I love Corfu town.