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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Old dogs

Yesterday, the Labrador, Chile had to go to the vet. He has a tendency towards lumps and bumps (the scar on his nose is from a red wart when he was about 6 mos) and had grown a wart between his digits on his right paw.

Besides, the usual anxiety, I felt bad because I had assume arthritis. The Pedigree chews he has every day seemed to help and I simply assumed. To be fair the wart was not visible unless you spread his paw out.

But the vet asked if I wanted it sent off for examination and I decided no, I do not want to know if the cancer he had removed two years ago has returned. He is a happy dog, enjoying life and when he no longer enjoys it, then it is time to take steps. Cowardly -- perhaps. But I am convinced it is the right decision.
Anyway, despite being woozy, he appears much better. And now all I have to do is get him to take his antibiotics. He is a great keep the pill in the mouth and spit out when Michelle is not looking dog. He can detect pills in most things -- peanut butter, cheese, dog food. Meat tends to work, or bacon...


Donna Alward said...

Awww, he is such a handsome boy. Glad everything went well. And you'll know when it's time. He'll just look at you and you'll know.

We pick up our sweetie on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! I'm like you about the cancer, I'd rather not know either. What will it prove anyway? I've lost a cat to cancer before and it was rough.

Have you tried pill pockets? These can be ordered over the internet if your vet doesn't sell them over there.


Nell said...

Hugs, hope you have your dog for many more years.

CherylStJohn said...


Jen Black said...

I hope he goes on being happy for much, much longer

Kate Hardy said...

Big hugs, Michelle. Been there myself. Hope he continues to do well.