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Monday, July 07, 2008

All Greek to me

The postman brought me my Greek copies of A Noble Captive. I am not even going to attempt to translate. It appeared in Greek back in January, but my authors copies have just reached me. It was one of those cases of look at the cover and then check the copyright page just to be sure. The cover is the A Noble Captive cover with the Greek title. O Degeonapios (I think that is was it is if I put it into the English alphabet)

Gladiator's Honour also appeared in Greek, so it is pleasant to get another book out in that language, particularly as ANC is set on an island a few miles north of Crete.And Phaistos served as a slight model for the temple.

As I have said before authors are not necessarily told when their books are coming out in different markets. Sometimes, we only discover the fact when the author copies are sent long after the book has appear. Or sometimes, only when it appears as an entry on the royalty statement.

The main excuse is that the database would be far too complex and complicated to build. And it would have little purpose...

However, I do like knowing and it is always an unexpected thrill when I get a new translation.

Now, I am going to have to brush up on my Greek. I used to know some...


Ginger Simpson said...

This supports the saying, "It's Greek to me."

Congratulations on being published in multi-languages.


CherylStJohn said...

Greek! Cool. I love the colors of the cover.