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Monday, July 21, 2008

Frustration at the BBC

Last night, I watched the Folk BBC Proms. We tuned in late and still managed to see Martin Simpson who was one of my finds of last year. My dd and I have had lots of conversations about his song -- Never Any Good which is from his Prodigal Son album. Personally we figure there was a lot more to his father than the song lets on, and that his mother simply did not understand the father. The album is excellent.
Anyway, the last act was Bellowhead with Spiers and Boden who are another favourite. They did a lovely set (confirming why they are a great band to see live) and took awhile to come on for the encore. Just as the credits were rolling they announced that they were doing Prickle-eye bush and then the BBC cut. ARGH!
And could I find my CD of Spiers and Boden (Bellow) which has this song on? No. Could I quickly lay my hands on the folk awards album that has this song on? No. Prickle eye bush is the song I listened to over and over again when I was revising Gladiator's Honour, so it has a firm place in my heart. So Bad Bad BBC for not putting it on.
But hopefully next year, the BBC will do another folk proms. And will show ALL the encores.
One happy thing did happen -- my youngest coughed to where he had put my Run Rig CD. I am not sure why he had it. As I tend to listen to Run Rig when I am revising my Viken novels, this is a useful find. Now all I need is for my editors to get back to me with their thoughts.


Kate Hardy said...

Had to smile about your youngest nicking your CDs. My eldest has that habit...

Michelle Styles said...

Yes, well, he is currently blaming his sister for nicking his cd player...and that is why it was up there.
My eldest though would have had it for safekeeping. He once came back from being a waiter at a wedding and complained that the music in between sets was all Run Rig. This was the wedding where the cake was a fairy tale castle and a turret had to be hurredily replace just before it was brought in....

Alice said...

I've just got my copy of Save The Cat. Thank you for recommending it.

Blake Snyder recommends starting with an extended logline ie
>an adjective to describe the hero
>an adjective to describe the bad guy, and...
>a compelling goal we identify with.

Michelle, how would you adapt this loglinefor a romance novel where we have 2 protagonists, each with their own goal and no bad guy.

Do we focus on the heroine, and treat the hero as the antagonist?