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Friday, April 11, 2008

The saga of the runaway duck

This week we had a runaway duck. He was a fully paid up member of the Drones club and so served no useful purpose. We had not really realised he had gone. This is bad but we do lose ducks from time to time to the fox.
Anyway, the first thing we knew about it, various neighbours were stopping to ask us if the duck in the bathtub was ours. Now, the directions were not precise, so we looked in the wrong direction until another neighbour called and gave us specific instructions.
It was down the bank and across the road and I am not entirely sure why or how the duck got there. However I suspect that it did not waddle...
My dh and youngest duly went out, armed with the fishing net and determination. Sure enough the duck was there, and sure enough, the duck eluded capture. My dh came back annoyed ( again predicatable).
I had to clip all the remaining ducks' wings. This was done in the evening after they went to bed and therefore were docile and easy to capture.
The next morning, the ducks were most surprised to discover that their shorts flights over the pen's fence and down the dene were curtailed.
My eldest was eventually dispatched to see if he could catch the duck. At first -- no duck, and then the duck popped its head over the bathtub to see what was going on. Down swooped the net and the runaway duck was caught... (again predictable as my eldest has good hand eye coordiantion and knows about duck habits)
His wings have been clipped.
I remain hopeful that his days of adventuring are over.


India said...

Ah well, even the most Alpha duck needs to have his wings clipped and his adventuring curtailed at some point... Let's hope he settles down to a life of happy domesticity now after the exotic delights of the foreign bathtub!

Kate Hardy said...

Hope he settles now, Michelle.

And now I have a version of "The Runaway Train" going through my head... except with ducks rather than trains!