Current Release

Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Thursday, April 03, 2008


I received a jpeg of the cover for Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife yesterday from one of my lovely editors. It looks lovely and a copy now adorns the wall behind my computer...for inspiration. And it is an inspiring cover...

I have attempted to put it on the blog BUT every time, it comes out in reverse tones. It looks interesting, but it is not the warm sexy feel that is the cover. The important thing for a cover is the mood or the feel of the cover, the promise it gives. And this one promises a sensual romantic read. Plus the hero is bare chested.
I have no idea is if it was originally commissioned for another book, but I just like the cover and the mood fits the book.

I only have permission to use the on sale version, so you can't see the reverse colour version.
At the moment, does not have the cover up either, so you all will have to wait...until 1 May when it appears on the M&B website...

Sometimes, these things are just beyond the control of an author.

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