Friday, April 25, 2008

Amantes del Romance

Yesterday, my copies of Siete dias sin besos (the Spanish version of Sold & Seduced) arrived. I had not relised that it was part of the Amantes del Romance collection that Harlequin Iberica has published. The entire collection is listed at the back of Siete dias sin besos and I discovered that Taken by the Viking will be part of this collection as well, entitled --La Amante del vikingo. I think it comes out in May.

From what I could tell from the website, they are putting out a book a week,so I am assuming that this will carry on and La Amante del vikingo will be out the third week of May.

When I first saw the cover, I was somewhat confused,-- what was the picture. But then after I got the books, I understood. the black and white photos is a naked male torso with a highlight of a gold Roman coin being the only colour. Each of the different time periods have a differnt medallion/gold bit highltlighted. For example Carolyn Davidson's has a cowboy's belt buckle.

I was severely tempted by the covers even though I don't speak Spanish!

Here is the blurb about the series:

Nunca antes Harlequin ha lanzado una colección igual, los mejores Amantes a lo largo de toda la historia: highlanders, jeques, piratas, lords, vikingos, romanos... Novelas apasionantes que te enamorarán desde la primera a la última página. Oferta de lanzamiento El Corazón de un rebelde (Highlanders) por sólo 2,90 €, y en la segunda salida llévate un libro de REGALO: Pasado oculto (Caballeros del Oeste) y La cautiva del vikingo (Vikingos) por sólo 5,90€. Recuerda, tu colección Amantes ya está en tu punto de venta... Tentaciones que seducen
Si quieres suscribirte a esta colección mándanos a los siguientes datos:Nombre y apellidos, dirección, código Postal, población, provincia, DNI, fecha de nacimiento, teléfono y correo electrónico. Si ya has adquirido algún libro de esta colección en tu punto de venta dínoslo y te haremos la suscripción a partir del siguiente número.
Suscripciones sólo para España

And the postman has just brought me a copy of Kate Walker's 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance, the 2nd edition. there is far more jammed packed into this addition, including advice from various authors (like me). Anyway, it is fascinating to see how other authors work and the little twists etc. the thing about writing romance is that it is such a vast field, you never stop learning and polishing.

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