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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Getting towards the end

I have nearly finished this wip. And it is proving that each story is different. Normally the first few chapters go very slow, but this time, it feels like the last few chapters.
This one reminds me the most of writing Sold & Seduced. Basically, I reached a certain point and suddenly realised that I was a lot nearer the end than I had thought, but had forgotten several steps in the middle.
Anyway, things are starting to come together. And then it will be editing and revising which is where the fun bit begins.
Liz Fenwick highlighted an interview with an editor where the editor of a thriller publisher said that the editor was a bit like a building inspector -- i.e. the editor gives a list of problems with perhaps possible solutions but it is up to the author to solve those problems. This is very true. Authors do need to come up with their own solutions. And it is all about the story working for the reader and not falling down.
But right now I need to make sure my foundations are sound because you can't build a story without an ending.

Oh and it is the Taken by the Viking release party at Unusual Historicals today.

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