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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A larger cover for Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife has put up the cover for Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife and I have checked. It is on as well. This means that the cover will be on the other non US Amazon sites. The US site only carries those books which are released in the North American market. It is just the way Amazon works... I am afraid, but the non appearance of covers was bothering me a lot, so I am pleased.

People do judge books by their covers and their titles. And I know that there are book that I have bought based on the look of the cover alone. The choosing of covers is very much a marketing decision. But I do like the feel of this one. I also love the fact that it has the M&B centenary logo on it.
One thing that all the authors had to do for the centenary was to write a dear reader explaining a little bit about what the centenary means to them...
This book is also dedicated to e-harlequin, and in particular the Struggling Writers, and the Mouse & Pen and the Library. The Library thread has now become Love Historical Style but the same people hang out there. Anyway, I thought it appropriate. And I happen to really like this book and so am excited about its release in the UK in June...
My paperbacks should be arriving any day.
But I need to get my current Viking done and out of the way. I am at point when it starts to consume my life and I just want to write. And it started off so well as well. SOme days it does feel like the words are hard won.


Donna Alward said...

VWUW has a great cover, a great dedication, a great dear reader and most of all a great story.

The words will come. I know you're at the point where you start racing for the end.

Carrie Lofty said...

Now I can see it :)

Congrats, Michelle. It's lovely and keeps with your style.