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Saturday, April 19, 2008

HH Editors at Romance Vagabonds

In case anyone was wondering about the current state of play at HH, both Linda Fildew, sr editor and Joanne Carr, editor answered questions over at Romance Vagabonds yesterday. There were very detailed answers on what is happening at HH and what they are looking for. If anyone is interested in the line, then they should read the editors' precise words.
The biggest thing is that the appetite for Georgian/Regency/Victorian popularity shows no sign of abating and while people at conferences/on blogs etc say that they want other time periods, the sales do not match the sales of Regency. However, they are going to continue to offer other time period.
Westerns consistently finish in the top half of sales in the NA market , according to Linda Fildew. Westerns are available on UK direct and sporadically in other overseas markets. Frontier stories resonate more with the reader of historical Westerns than urban set ones.
In other words, HH are very comfortable with the mix at the moment. The editors did highlight the move towards sexier historicals. But Joanne Carr also pointed out that they have always offered a range of sexuality and will continue to do so. It is just that they are highlighting the super sexy with the Undone miniseries label.
Linda F doesn't usually appear on blogs and so it was tremendously exciting to see her there. I thought she did a wonderful job.
In other news:
Smart Bitches has reported that Cassie Edwards and Signet have parted ways due to editorial differences and Signet will no longer be publishing her or her backlist and have returned rights to Ms Edwards. The announcement says it all really.
The basic lesson here is to not be sloppy when writing. Do not directly quote and make sure that everything is done through the filter of your character's POV. You have the right to use facts but they must be expressed in your own words. It is also impossible to unknowingly channel another writer to the extent that you are plagiarising. Therefore, keep to your own voice. Express the ideas in your own words. No one owns ideas, just the way they are expressed. Your voice is unique to you so make sure you use it.
Acknowledging sources is a good idea -- either at the front of a book or with an author's note at the back. Personally I love author's notes and am pleased when I get to do them. And I also list all my major sources on my shelfari page. Then I love research. But when I put it in my books, it is always through the filter of my characters.

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