Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Winding down the school year

My children are in their last week of school. This is all well and good, but I have to wonder what is the point besides some sort of glorified babysitting service. Reports went out either at the end of last week or the beginning of this. All the children had decent reports -- something to gladden the heart of any parent.
At least at my eldest's school, they call this week activity week -- several foreign trips have been planned as well as other non academic activities. My eldest is doing music week and spending the week recording a CD with several other students. My other two seem to be spending most of their time watching videos -- The Incredibles and Garfield feature heavily.
I could understand the point if they were taking exams as I used to or even if they were finishing off work, but watching videos? Surely they would be better off at home where at least there would not be any pretence towards learning. And then the government wonders why parents take their children out of school. Can someone please tell me what my children will be missing if they were away this week?
Tomorrow is my middle's activity day -- they are going on the top field and having a BBQ. On Thursday (the last day) they will spend the day in two big all school assemblies where sports prizes will be given out. The most boring day of the year, according to my non atheletic middle. On the one hand, I know it is good for the children to do these things, but on the other, I can see the point of leaving on holiday a week early.
Next year, I think there will be scope to leave early.
Rant over.

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MJFredrick said...

The kids WOULDN'T be missing anything this week. I tried really hard to keep teaching until the last day, but there are so many interuptions, and the books are gone, and all the activities I wanted to do were time-consuming. Ugh. Frustrating.