Saturday, July 16, 2005

HP and me

The new Harry Potter has arrived. My middle has read to page `145 and is taking a break, the other two children are out and so I saw achance to dive in -- having been an avid reader since just after the first Harry Potter came out and paperback and the second was published in hb.

The real question for me -- is have I guessed correctly what might happen, has she solved some of the pacing problems that affected the last book, and finally does it all hold up to the quality of the others.


Kate Hardy said...

With you there... except because I'm the only one in the house who's read the other five, I'm the one who gets to read it. Agreed re pacing (so far was not impressed by c1 - opened in the wrong place for me - but it's improving...)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
It's been interesting and fun to read your blog diary!

Aunt Cynthia said...

Hi, again, Michelle,
Just wanted you to know that our family is enjoying your blog! The previous one ( anonymous ) one is from me, too...went through before I did the signing!

Pam Cleaver said...

I agree with Kate H. That first chapter could have been pruned and it would have done no harm to the plot and would have got us into the story quicker.