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Monday, July 25, 2005

Double digits

Today is my youngest's tenth birthday. Today as he keeps reminding me -- he becomes double digits. Funny for me, 25 July 1995 does not seem all that long ago. I remember most of it as indeed I remember most of the preceding days. I had one of these horribly long niggling labours. I was so glad when the consultant said -- this baby is cooked, let's induce. My youngest was three weeks early, but the contractions had been going on since the Saturday evening and I had had little sleep. I can remember wanting to sleep. It was also stifling hot. So hot that the midwife changed into her scrubs, thus alarming the consultant when he came to check. In the end all was well, the second stage was over in a matter of minutes and no stitches were needed. I was able to walk from the delivery room to the room where we spent the night. And finally I slept a bit.
So we shall be celebrating today and once again I will be reflecting on how quickly time does pass. My baby is now up to my nose in height and within a year or two will be taller than me. We will have cake this morning. My mother who arrived yesterday from the States hand carried over an American birthday cake --complete with roses made of icing. American birthday cakes are one thing I have always missed over here. Late my husband is going to take my youngest and my mother to see the Tall Ships. as his work is having a special do in celebration of the Tall Ships. The last time they were here, I went,carrying my middle in a sling as she was only a few weeks old. I can remember it being very hot and not liking the crowds.

I was reading Anna-Lucia's and Kate Hardy's blogs. It appears I am not the only one who made the mistake of drinking coffee in the evening. Last night, I had two cups of coffee, went to bed and ended up lying there with thoughts buzzing around my brain. Also from Kate hardy's blog she points the way to an excellent article on The Seven habits of A Highly Effective Writer. I agree with all the habits. If I did not write to a schedule, I would never get anywhere. I only started finishing my manuscripts when I refused to quit. Editorial feedback is important as is feedback from ordinary readers. I do have a plan for how I want my career to go. The one I struggle with is keeping my work and my life separate. And when the bus stops, I do try to get on as long as it is going in the direction I wan t to go. The problem with bus stops is sometimes a number of different buses stop at the same place and some will take you to the wrong place. But I do strongly believe in the eighth habit/attitude -- perseverance. The one thing that no agent or editor can see from a manuscript is the stick to itness of a person. The determination to succeed has to come from within.

And now I have to get my words written, so I can enjoy the day with my youngest.


kate hardy said...

Happy birthday to your youngest, Michelle! Enjoy the Tall Ships and the cake. (What's the difference between an American cake and an English cake, btw? I'm intrigued...)

What's the betting all the mums with kids at home are up at silly o'clock as the best time to get the day's words done? :)

Michelle Styles said...

The difference between anAmerican birthday cake and a British one has to do with the frosting in the main part. Biritish frosting tends to be a thick paste, very solid where as American icing tends to be a soft buttercream that is piped. Often American birthday cakes aretopped with roses made from sugar paste. American birthday cakes tend to round and taller than the British counterparts. Most of the time, American cakes come in big pink boxes... I also suspect it is a nostalgia thing with me. These cakes are the sort of cake I grew up with!And although my mother would make cakes for every day, for birthdays, we normally had Bakery cakes -- a big treat. They still are.
This one has blue and yellow roses over the white buttercream with my youngest son's name piped on in blue.

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Nell Dixon said...

Happy Birthday to your youngest! Have a lovely day.

Michelle W. said...

Ah, but England has the best chocolate in the world. Love the Cadbury's. :)

Happy Birthday to your youngest!