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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Large Print and TLS

I found out today that Thorpe has made an offer to publish The Lady Soldier in Large Print -- hardback. This is good news. One more edition as it were. Hopefully, Hale will be able to sell TLS on to a few foreign publishers as well. Every little bit counts! In case anyone doesn't know Thorpe gives all its profits towards supporting the blind. As someone who suffers from cataracts (I am putting the operation off until they really effect my vision), I do appreciate this sort of publishing as I know there comes a time when reading normal sized print is difficult, if not impossible.

The Times today has a review of Danielle Steel's latest book. The reviewer admitted that she didn't usually read such books as she felt adult reading should have some sort of intellectual or emotional challenge to it. That reading for pure pleasure as an adult was somehow wrong. Where did this sort of attitude come from? Since when has reading had to be Good For You? It brings to mind those dreary moral Victorian tracts or badly cooked vegatables or many repetitions of stomach crunches, and a sure way to turn people off reading. If something isn't fun, why do it?
I love to read. Depending on my mood, I read all sorts of things. Reading to Escape is not a sin. Or something that should be done only in private. What a puritanical attitude. Why should I feel guilty about reading? Surely there are many worse things one could do. And reading exercises the brain. reading commercial ficiton can be a great to revive a flagging brain. There is only so much of Mao's misery I can stand at a time. (I am slowly making my way through Chung's Mao -- very depressing but fascinating in small doses) Reading for pleasure is surely one of the best reasons to read and nicest ways to pass a few hours.

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Donna Alward said...

Re: your first part and TLS - Congrats!

Re: the second part and puritanical readers - AMEN! Isn't it ironic how many people will go to the movies for enjoyment, or won't hide their heads for seeing a romantic comedy, but when it comes to reading material they are either highbrow or closet readers?

Can you tell you've hit on a pet peeve of mine? LOL