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Monday, July 11, 2005

The waiting begins (again)

As I didn't get to the RNA cofnerence, I spent part of the weekend -- revising my partial and will post it off before I go pick my youngest up from school. Fingers crossed but I like it. Now go back to the familiar feel of churning stomach and antcipation.

M&B are now going to preliminaries on GH and so I have had to submit a 150 word biography and any dedication. As I have not heard any different, I assume The Gladiator's Honour is still the correct title.

Thank you to everyone who told me about the transport difficulties. Although it was very disappointing not be there ( and I do want to see pictures!!), in the end it was what was best for my family.

My eldest spent part of the weekend preforming in Vindolanda-- The Musical. he was not very appreciative when I said that the big problem with the story was that the hero was on the periphary. He had no stake in the whole story-- he was merely a watcher of unfolding events. The question why never got answered. But the songs were pleasant and the childen enthusiastic. The costuime were inspired by Rome rather than directly based on Roman costume, and they were designed by the children.

I shall have to go back to Vindolanda and take a closer look at the temple complex. It is something they have been trying to find for years and years. The broken statues are what I most wnat to see. It should be very exciting. I wnoder if they were broken up before the CHristain church was built in the commander's residence or after.

I have finished reading Joan Alcock's Food in Roman Britain. Although ALcock concentrates on Britain, she does give a general overview of the situation. It was enjoyable read. I have also just finished --See Delphi and Die by Lindsey Davies -- it is very curate's egg. I lvoed the whole tourist bit, but some parts were telegraphed or maybe signalled. Helena is still my favourite character.

It is wonderfully hot here. Clear blue skies. A real summer.


Kate Hardy said...

Hope they don't keep you waiting for ages, Michelle - though I know the eds are all snowed under.

The school production sounds fun!

We went to Vindolanda last year and I loved it. The displays were good, too. (And I was baaaad in the bookshop.)

Conf pics... some up at mine, but sadly not all of them because of the poor quality of the disposable camera. (This may teach me to remember my camera in future!)

Michelle Styles said...

Well, they are always snowed under and I figure as it is ready, and they did want to see the is better to get it out there and see if any steering needs to be done.

Waiting is the name of the game.

The bookshop in Vindolanda is dangerous. There is another book I have my eye on -- growing up and growing old in Rome but I restained myself ...just.

Michelle said...

The musical sounds like fun, even if the story needed work.

Thanks again for sharing your experiences!