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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Thursday, July 21, 2005

School's out

Today was the children's last day. Hooray, hooray, no more school run for six weeks! And I get them home.
I was very proud of my eldest. After his music was finished, he stayed and helped pack away all the musical equipment. Of course, this took much longer than I thought and I was very relieved to see him when he arrived back home. Now, if only I can convince him to be as responsible around the house.
I wrote approximately 2k today. I have found that I am having to keep an eye on the number of pages and the computer word count to motivate me. Sometimes I am even still having to resort to the timer. But one upshot as I get more and more involved with the manuscript is that I find I have less and less time for playing on the internet. Just as well really as my mother arrives for three weeks on Sunday and the children are on holiday.
After doing my words, I spent about an hour in the garden pulling brambles and nettles. They seem to be growing high in the dene this year. There is a certain amount of satisfaction in pulling huge clumples of brambles. YOu wrap the bramble around your hand and pull while trying to maintain your balance on a 60 degree slope. If you get it wrong, you fall down into the stream with a thump. In the end, it came out me -- one giant bag of brambles and nettles and no falls. Quite satisfying really.

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