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Friday, July 08, 2005

Not going to the RNA conference

Late last night, I bowed to presure from my family anddecided not to go to the RNA conference. There was no way I could justfy the worry I would put my family through as I was gong to fly down. My mother in particular was not keen. She had been caught up in 9/11 and really felt I should avoid getting anywhere near London.
In the end it came down to priorities and my family and their well being had to come before the RNA conference.

I am sure the conference will be wonderful. I spoke with Jan this morning and she said that most people had made it yesterday. The British spirit is very determined. And if I had been driving rather than usuing public transport, I would have been there. But this time -- no.


Alex Bordessa said...

Michelle, I'm in York and, though not booked to go to the RNA, I know that you would have had a very difficult time of getting from the north-east down to Surrey. For starters, GNER trains were swiftly (and rightly) cancelled yesterday, though I don't know their status today. You may have been looking at cross-country to the west, then east.

Public transport, travelling from this distance, would have been very tough, possibly involving circumnavigating London to get to Surrey, and as for getting back ... I would have probably cancelled too.

Michelle said...

Ohh! So sorry to hear you aren't able to go. But yes, safety comes first. No one could have predicted what happened yesterday. Hugs!

Sela Carsen said...


MaryF said...

Well, damn. That just makes me mad. I'm so sorry, Michelle, but I'm glad you listened to your family.

Kate Hardy said...

Michelle - we missed you but everyone understood. Eileen Ramsay had a hard time getting down from Scotland (originally meant to be there Thurs night, got there late on Friday night). So don't beat yourself up about it - better not to go than to have your family worrying themselves sick about things.