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Current Release
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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Time Management and me

I used to think I was pretty good at managing my writing time. I sat down and I wrote, but slowly the internet has started creeping up me. Now I have a thousand and one excuses why I am not writing and it all boils down to one thing -- I have allow my habits to become distracted.

Setting word counts or pages to be done has not been helping. So I have started trying to writer with a timer. Forcing myself to sit there and work on my wip -- taking ti forward as it were for a set period of time. I have caught myself thinking thoughts like -- maybe I should check the internet, or I need a cup of tea but seeing that I am going tobe sitting there for a limited time period, I can force my atention back on my wip.

It is a matter of regaining the discipline I once had. I have to be strict with myself or else how will things get written.

In other news: the road outside my house melted yesterday. We had thought the subcontractors were not doing a good job two years ago and so it has proved. Yesterday's hot weather turned it into a sticky mess. I did not dare take the dogs for a walk for fear they would get tar on their paws.

I telephone the council to complain and once again it would appear that I am the first person in the area to complain. But as I told my husband -- if I don't call, how will they know?

I was pleased to see The TImes in its lead editorial starting to call Islamic terrorists cultist. I think it is very important to distinguish between the cult of death of a few and one of the world's great religions.

Right off to watch the lunchtime news and then to set my timer and write.

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Michelle said...

Good luck! I've found timed writing to be very effective. Today I actually kept going because I couldn't stop in the middle of a scene. :)