Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Cat pictures

My youngest  has been using photos of Heathcliff and Mr Darcy as evidence why certain things can't be done.Why he can't do the washing up
Mr Darcy is occupying the draining rack and is on the dish cloth.
Why the clothes can't be put away

Heathcliff resents  being disturbed in the middle of a nap.
Why his bed can't be made

It is best to let sleeping cats lie.
Basically his scheme is doomed to failure as I keep telling him to just move the cats. His response is that the sentiment is typical of my narrow minded outlook on life. And that I care nothing for the struggles of the proletariat and other oppressed peoples or cats.

My very lovely editor has sent through her thoughts so I need to process them and take action. My pacing is off and chapter 1 and 2 need to become one so that the focus is more fully on the growth of the relationship. But she likes the over all idea. So the Single Title Project is shelved for the time being and it is back to my current couple who should be great fun.


Andrea said...

I have two cats, I wonder whether that gives me twice the excuses?

Catherine said...

Aw, cats are great. Our Millie's favourite spot is either of the kid's beds - made or unmade - she's not fussy. I feel a kid-cat conspiracy theory coming on ...

Cara Cooper said...

Ours too loves to sit on clean washing, or better still our pristine white duvet cover!