Tuesday, June 07, 2011


A few weeks ago, I suggested to a fellow writer who was suffering from writer's block that she might try emailing me her word count as it might help. I promised to do the same. Mutual support as it were, holding each other to account.  She did and she has been brilliant. She had last week off as it was half term and she had family commitments.  I have been waiting for my lovely editor to get back to me on the partial. However, I was supposed to be working on the single title project as part of my drive to be more efficient. Over the weekend, it slipped. I did other admin type things and pretended. Then last night, I woke in a cold sweat. I was about to get a word count and would have to confess. I prayed for a miracle. Sure enough my wonderful friend emailed me her word count. And I was the one who had to come up with the feeble excuse. I hate making excuses.
It was enough to get my rear in gear and to start working on The Project. Words have been written. At the moment it is a POS but it has potential. It will get there.
In the meantime, I am sitting here, hoping for my editor's wise words on my partial. Those characters are whispering and I remain super excited about their possibilities. And another set of characters are whispering for the HH after that one.
I think my daemon doesn't like being ignored. But I shall have to hold myself more accountable from now on and not simply play at it. I do have a deadline and more importantly I have dreams. Dreams like breaking out or writing a blockbuster do not happen if you fail to take positive action.
I am capable of more than I think. I can hold myself to account.


Andrea said...

I've recently found two lovely critique partners and their encouragement has really helped me keeping going at times when I've not felt like just putting my feet up for the evening, or joining the little girls when they go down for a nap.

From all I've read, you are a very committed lady, and I have no doubt you'll succeed in whatever you set your mind to. Good luck on the response from your editor.


Catherine said...

Your positivity is inspiring, and I have an inkling that you are exceptionally capable!

Good luck with everything.

Off to apply some action to my musings ...

Michelle Styles said...

Andrea -- Yes my very lovely cp kicks my butt regularly. It just surprised me that I had flufffed off so much last week.
But my editor got back to me late last night and so I have zero excuses. Today is cutting for pace.

Catherine -- Some days I am more capable than others.