Sunday, June 19, 2011

On getting a dedicate e-reader

Yesterday my husband gave me a kindle for our wedding anniversary with a pink leather cover.  I have officially entered the digital age. I had slightly resisted e-books for myself as I tend not to travel much and couldn't justify the cost. So it is great to get it as a present, particuarly as I was about to need yet another bookcase.
Kindles are sinfully easy to set up and use. One of the great perks is being able to download a sample chapter. It is like being able to browse at the bookstore but with no one looking over your shoulder or complaining that you are taking too long. The samples are far easier to read than the look inside feature on Amazon.
The slightly annoying thing is that as I live in the UK, I am limited to downloading UK available books, rather than the wider selection of US books. Yes, I can buy the paperbacks from Amazon but that rather defeats the object...
It does read like a book...but it is harder to skip ahead. This is a bad habit of mine. Lately with the GRR Martin's, I have found myself reading certain threads because he does have this tendency to end on a cliff hanger and only return to the story much later. But I suppose it means I will go faster as I will want to get to the end.
It is nice and light and does mean when I go to New York next week, I will have things to read on the plane going out there.
I do like playing around with the font.
Having got one, I suspect soon I will wonder why I  resisted the change for such a long time...


Nell Dixon said...

I love my kindle. I read more widely, try more new authors and generally buy even more books since I've had it. If they ever digitise all of Betty Neels backlist I'll be bankrupt. I love the ease with which I can find something new to read to match my mood and when I'm travelling or waiting at the dentist of hairdressers it's a godsend.

Judy Jarvie said...

I don't have a kindle but I love my sony ereader. I'd buy a kindle too if I could justify it such is my addiction. My mother regularly borrows my ereader too for her historicals fix.

I said I wouldn't be swayed but I love it. Convenience, space saving etc. Plus I love having old faves readily to hand. I do spend more on ebooks than I intend to (so I guess that's good for publishing not bad!) They really are the ultimate readers' indulgence.

Enjoy. And Happy Anniversary.

Andrea said...

I've still not been persuaded into the digital age which is a bit bad since both my parents have kindles and the rest!
I don't tend to buy a lot of fiction as I read them too fast and frequent the library each week (we can request books from other libraries for free.) I only tend to buy instructional books (sewing, crafts etc.)
But I have been thinking more and more recently about buying one. I am very attracted by the idea of having old favourites to hand whenever I want (a definite disadvantage to using a library!). I don't think it will be long before I'm tempted!