Monday, December 06, 2010

His Stand In Bride -- chapter 4 live

Chapter 4 aka the  wedding is up at eharlequin.  I enjoyed writing the chapter. Although many years an agent once said to me that weddings should be uncomfortable and cause tension unless they are part of the HEA. They need to do something more than simply be a wedding. Words I have taken to heart.

It is Deb Marlowe's turn with the Harlequin Historical advent calendar. Her latest How to Marry a Rake sounds fab.

My revisions should go into today. I am doing a last read over. Something that one of my editor taught me as I tend to miss words etc, and right on cue, I find I have. ARGH!


Francine Howarth said...


Have to confess I've been reading the (free)chaps of "His Stand In Bride".

Can honest say I've thoroughly enjoyed it, and I love the heroine's determination to honour on promise despite it being the crux of the plot. And, in this last chapter the hero is letting us (as readers) see something special simmering beneath the surface! More please, and the reason I say this, is because the story isn't galloping away without substance, your words are painting the characters stroke by stroke of imagined paint brush.

Anyone who has you as a crit partner should be feeling highly honoured! I would be if that be the case, but I'm going it alone in the big wide world and posting chaps for free on my blogger blog. I'd rather them read than languishing on a hard-drive in hope of a M&B publishing deal: been there done that and failed more times than I care to mention. I've found it's no easier breaking back into publishing than when trying as a newbie, so why publish the books for free?


Francine Howarth said...

Damn, last line missing why "not" publish for free?

On second thoughts Indie isn't such a bad option if done at cut-price level.

Caroline said...

Good luck with the revisions! Have just read Chapter 4 - and loved it. Caroline x