Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From kittens to cats

It is hard to believe but we have had Heathcliff and Mr Darcy for a year. They have grown from tiny balls of fluff to cats with personality. Heathcliff is the cat most apt to edit my work. He comes and sits between me and the key board in over purr mode. In the evnings Heathcliff becomes Heat cliff and curls up by the fire. One hard glare from him and the dogs move over.
Mr Darcy is sleeker and elgant than his fluffy brother. He is far more likely to boss the dogs about and has no hestiation about nicking food from either Tess or Hardy. I suspect the collies know the size of his claws. They are both the alpha males in the pack.
I am currently working on my revisions and hoping that the book is getting better...It has to be...


Caroline said...

Wow I can't believe they are one year old already. Fingers xrossed on the revisions! Caroline x

Jeanne M said...

Heathcliff and Mr Darcy are adorable and I'm sure ca't wait to play with all the ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Our cat Charlie is an American short hair that we rescued from the pound last November. We think is is about 1 1/2 now and is the funniest cat we've ever had. His favorite "toys" are bottle caps and paperclips and he is the only cat we've had who is able to open the back sliding glass door when it's fully closed. We still can't figure out how he manages to do it!

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday. I'm hoping to be able to find your next US release available in my local book store because I'm fascinated in your writing after visiting your site.

Nicole said...

Amazing how quickly they grow! I still refer to all my pets as puppies & kittens even though the youngest is 4 ;p

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Kate Walker said...

I can remember the day that Mr D and Heathcliff came home - I was so keen to see them. And now here they are grown up (well - almost!) With my own Charlie now 4 months and able to jump onto my desk and punce on my fingers as I type, I'm reliving that joy - and chaos!- of having kittens around. I'm not at all sure what's going to happen to my Christmas tree though

My gang send Happy Birthday purrs to Heathcliff and Mr Darcy - with special greetings to Heathcliff the editing cat - he knows why