Monday, December 27, 2010

Chapter 7 His Stand In Bride

Chapter 7 of His Stand In Bride -- The seduction is up. You can read it here.

Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas. Mine was quiet but good. However, the annual ritual of someone is ill has struck and we have been laid low by a cold/flu thing. I blame my youngest.


Rula Sinara said...

I hope you all feel better soon.

I read The Viking's Captive Princess just before Christmas and loved it. Such an interesting time to write about. Loved the details and the romance.

Serenity said...

Hi Michelle, loved the chapter, made me smile thinking of him being ravenous, a great way to put it! Sorry to hear your family's been unwell, hope they pick up soon.

Michelle Styles said...

Rula -- I am so pleased you liked VCP.

Serenity -- it does my heart good to know that you enjoyed chapter 7.

My youngest is better. My daughter seems to be in the full force of it and I am fighting against it. My dh has it mildly and it has not yet gone into man flu.

Caroline said...

Loved chapter 7. Hope your family is feeling better.