Monday, December 31, 2007

Resolved for 2008

It is far easier to do this today, rather than to put it off until tomorrow.

Everything is pretty set with my writing. Basically, I want to continue to improve and to give readers the best possible story. I also want to write 4 completed manuscripts in 2008 (not including the one I am currently working on).

Reader Outreach:
I now have a better idea about what works and makes me feel like things are working. Promotion v self-delusion. I love reaching out to my readers and hopefully growing my readership, but it can also be an expensive game and can really eat up one's time for an uncertain return. Therefore, I am going to concentrate on things that I like doing -- blogs, newsletter etc.

Time Management:
I want to manage my time better, so I do not waste hours surfing the 'net. Or worrying about things that are out of my control. I want to keep focused. This means using timers.

Weight control and exercise:
I want to get fit for Crete at the end of May. I started an exercise programme in 2007 and wish to keep it up. I also want to control my weight, rather than having it control me. I suspect that using a timer etc will have benefits here.

Happy New Year to all my blog readers.

The photo is because I am still working on this ms and needed the inspiration!


Nell Dixon said...

Wishing you a Happy, healthy and wonderful 2008.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Michelle!

Best of luck with all the resolutions (though I think you're doing pretty darned well on all counts already!)

Donna Alward said...

Yeah, I second that India!

And that pic gets me every. single. time.

Kate Hardy said...

And I third it :o) Especially having read your Viking book last night - enjoyed it hugely but I think your Christmas Wedding Wager is your best yet. You're definitely going in the right direction.

Happy new year!