Friday, December 28, 2007

Review of 2007

I went back and revisited my resolutions for 2007.

Although I did not make my goal of getting my weight back to what it was in my 20s. I did lose some. More importantly, I started an exercise programme and my back pain has nearly ceased. (I put this down to exercise band I do when the computer is revving up). It find the 3-6 miles that I walk every day does wonders for my outlook. I would have to think what I would have been like if I did not do that.
Also I started looking after my skin much more. Establishing a daily routine has really helped I think. I am certainly happier with its appearance.

On the writing front, I did not write four manuscripts -- 2 Vikings and two Victorians. To date, I have written 3 books and have another manuscript 2/3 finished. It was one Viking, one Victorian and 2 Regencies. It physically pains me that I might miss a deadline. 6 January remains the official deadline, but I would like some time to revise.

I also I think became more timely with my PR. This year has certainly been a learning experience. Appearing on television was one of the highlights. And I remain convinced that there is a lot an individual author can do for FREE, rather than paying for it. I also do wonder if some of it is self-delusional activity to make me feel more in control. Some of it seems to be a bit of a treadmill. Ultimately the best PR is to keep one's shop window full of wonderful books. The last page of a book sells the first page of the next book. It is about reaching out to readers, rather than making PR an end in itself.

Little accomplishments are important as well -- the Aga now works, the boiler does as well and downstairs has been pretty much redecorated.

All in all it has been a good year. I will attempt to do a post on my 2008 resolutions.

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Amanda Ashby said...

Michelle, it sounds like you've had a great year and I'll second you on the walking. I'm lost when I don't get my daily leg stretch! Anyway, I'm just swinging by to wish you a wonderful 2008!!!!