Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Cataromance review for A Christmas Wedding Wager

One of the reviews I always wait for is the Cataromance review. I really respect Julie's opinion and I know she has a keen eye and takes her reviewing very seriously. If you want to know which catagory romances to read, you should definitely look at cataromance.

Iti s slightly later than Julie wanted because of her hetic family BUT it was well worth the wait!

My favourite bit was:

Touching, tender, passionate and simply breathtaking, this Victorian romance is rich in period detail and imbued with so many vivid descriptions of nineteenth century life, that the reader will feel as if she’s experiencing the story and not just reading it!
Wonderfully atmospheric, highly evocative, totally absorbing and immensely well-written, A Christmas Wedding Wager is another triumph for a novelist who never fails to make history come gloriously alive.

All is right with the world. AND I have finished my Christmas shopping .Now all I have to do is wrap presents, write cards and finish my manuscript before Christmas eve. The treee is up and I am taking part in Cheryl St John's Great Christmas Tree Tour, so a picture should be going up there soon.

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Donna Alward said...

Oh how lovely!

I'm within a few chapters of finishing. :-)

I still have one shopping trip, wrapping and school concerts to get through. Oh yes, and the book. LOL