Friday, January 26, 2007

Hired by the Cowboy arrives

Donna Alward who is one of my cps has sent me a hardback copy of Hired by the Cowboy, her first novel for Harlequin Mils and Boon. She has officially joined the Pink Lady brigade of authors. The Pink Ladies is the affectionate name given to those women who check the hardback copies of Mills and Boon out of the library. They are the backbone of the UK library system, coming in week after week to read these books. Once it is in the system, Donna's book will probably not be shelved for upwards of two years. It will come in and go out immediately. The popularity of the titles is one of the major reasons that so many UK city libraries still purchase them in hardback -- otherwise they would fall to a short span of time.

Donna has v kindly mentioned me in the dedication but the real thrill for me was reading the first page. She has worked so hard on this book, and it is a testimony to her guts and determination. No doubt I shall be blogging about this book again when it actually in the shops, but for now, I have the quiet satisfaction of knowing I made a small contribution to it.

And the timing was perfect as it is my birthday today.

I am working away on my latest wip --VC. It is starting to take shape. I have promised my lovely editor the first three chapters by the end of January, so we shall have to see.


Anna Louise Lucia said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

Nell Dixon said...

Happy Birthday!

Jessica Raymond said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle :)

Jess x

Anonymous said...

Belated happy birthday, Michelle!